Shout Outs :)

Yushan Tseng: yes yes 🙂 very interesting year 🙂 gl with my jais? xDD gl with ur lg! 😀 TW FEST!!! 你要幸福哦!!!

Sharon Olak: maybe i can get hired to cook BBQ :S hahah

Vincent Yick: so vincent….wat class do we have now? ;D lolzz i can be the director of any movie anytime ;D

Tanaz Nair: Eng was fun with all those big words….HHAHHA 🙂

Leona Cheung: 會好掛住你呀ung-co!!! 記得探我地呀1!!

Eric Ng: omg we didn’t camwhore enough this year!! >:O

Clara Coelho: will miss you during summer xDD yea one year passes fast eh? : ❤ you too 🙂

Nick Lok: you wrote the same thing for my grade8 year book =w=” no creative!! xDD will miss you during summer doggy 🙂

Jocelyn Lam: I AM SO GONNA FOME YOU DURING SUMMER xDD free long distance rofl have fun in HK 😦 哈哈哈…日日打電話…

Mike Wang: Hope you had fun at Cambie this year 🙂 hahhaha glad you came 🙂

Edilly Deadly: will miss you for PE 😦 lolz you and ur guy raping xDD

Roddy Lai: ur gonne miss me in CADD now aren’t you xDD ahahaha~ you should of wrote ur name =w=” i had to guess who wrote it =w=”

Kim Gosel: i will cook ur BBq all day ;D lolz had fun with you during lunch time xDD

Lily Jiang: OMG I KNOW RIGHT!? we’re so making a ISWAK3 ;D HOTTER THAN ISWAK2!!! lolz

Crista Koo: i JUST realized that we wrote the same thing on our year book xDD “men? i love men ;D ” ROFLL WE MUST GO SUBBING!! xDDD

Macy Mak: had so much fun playing with ur hair in eng xDD rofl gonna miss you in eng 😦

Rubika Subramaniam: no way! ur WAYYYYYY sexier xDD

Vincent Lo: no problem buddy!!! 🙂 personal ariel ar mah! xDD gonna miss you in math tutor so muchh TTT____TTT VVIIINNNNCCEEEETTTT!! 😦

kerwin Leung: 你靚仔啲! 無講大話啦 🙂 你唔返香港嘅話我地出去玩啦!!! 哈哈哈…(8) i miss you, 感動你, 這份愛, 太神奇(8) 你搞到我日日都聽…

Caren Lee: 阿妹!!! summer school 見! 哈哈哈…我叫余樂欣. 你叫李嘉欣. 我係你家姐, 你係我個妹. 我愛你,但係你唔愛我. 😦

Marvin Cheung: omg you and ur awsome drawings!!! ><

Anna Oswald: I’LL MISS YOU IN SCIENCE!!! 😥 had a great time with you!

Oliver P. Smith: gonna miss you in pe 😦 fun times 😦 *poke* haha not taking cadd next year so gonna miss you tooo~~ 😦

Bart Yong: fun times in science! hahah lolz sea weed xD

Curtis Choi: lolz such a random message xD WE MUST PLAY BADMINTON!!! >:O

Lucas Fai: lolz first time seeing you write chinese xDD rofl learn more chinese so i can text you! >:)

Darren Chan: i’m gonna miss my 黑超女郎 :((

Amanda Chong: yes amanda 😀 hags xDD

Annie Liang: i am angry at you 😡 gonna miss you so muchh TTT___TTT gl in ib 😦

Chris Fung: i will be glad to give you another punch next year xDD MUST PLAY BADDYY!! >:O

Sharon Lo: lolz *write in big words* woops…no room…hahah hags!! >w<

Amanda Jang: hahha Ellen & Celine Dion xDD had fun with you in japanese 🙂

Alvin Leung: 記住啦! 我香咗你啤我三塊oreo餅! 你香咗我啤你三碗麵 😉
哈哈哈…你同某人唔可以together唔緊要! 你有我! single buddy 呀嘛!溫一個新嘅米得囉1 我地通病雙連啦…哈哈哈.
🙂 多謝呀! 我唔開心嗰時你會聽我spazz. thank you thank you 阿粉! 哇…寫咗好多…作文咩…hehehe

“萬里長城長又長, 我們友誼比它長”


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