:O weekend!

Day 2, Thursday
shit man…got crippled in PE =w=”

Day 1, Friday a.k.a Today
lalala…still crippled! =D
which means no badminton 2molo…
horhorhor xD
piano coming between 11~12 =D
yay! um…
if my foot still hurts i go to doctor!
and hopefully! i broke it!…
but wait…if i broke it…doesn’t that mean i can’t walk on it? O__o…
oh well…
w.e happens…i want crutches! >=]
mando class…=
w.e xD

❤ wanna kissh’yuu

One thought on “:O weekend!

  1. hey ariel, you know if it is broken, you’ll never walk the same again right?

    *and if your parents are extra picky about getting it better, warn them about the $1000+ they’re going to end up spending on the crutches, physio and maybe ortho.

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