i dun get it…every time i see you there’s this anger and hate…
just like today…i didn’t mean to act the way i did….
but near the end…i couldn’t help it…
i just HAD to put my anger onto something
i’m sorry if i scared you or anything…i really am
i know that i should really be trying to turn everything back to normal
but i can’t help it…
knowing that fact that you’re not gonna talk to me
and not gonna even say hi or even smile at me… it all killls me
it hurts…can we please have things back to normal?
i really want to have those happy days i had during grade 9 again
i want to know that if i’m unhappy my group of friends/family will care and be there
i hate the fact that because i can’t over you
i can’t go bak to my group of family/ friends
please don’t think that it’s your fault…
i’m just fustrated that i still have some feelings for you
i’m sorry
i’m really sorry
i won’t spazz out the next time you walk into the room
i promise!
i dun wanna be alone…i wanna be with my “family” again
i’m really sorry
i would say a hundred, a thousand, a million times sorry if it will just get you to talk to me again
not teat me cold…
I’m Sorry


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