still sad…^^”
i should really look on the good sidee
i miss you ><
but i can’t do anything about it anymore…
cuz i’m not in the position…
i still love you ><
Love resembles a hole; A rabbit’s hole, a never ending hole.
Along the way, there are resting stops.
A place for you to cry because you’ll never find the exit.
A place for you to be happy because you found someone to fall in this hole with you.
At the end of this hole, there is a prize.
Money? Cars? A big house?
No, all you win, is the fact that you won’t be alone from then on.
You have found someone that you can trust, that you can live your life with.
You may not know it, but you may already be falling in the hole; this never ending hole.

resembles sand; quick sand, a kind of sand that when you are officially
submerged in, you will find yourself in a rabbit hole.
When you walk along in life.
At first you may not notice whats below your feet.
Until you have stepped into this sand.
Some people are fast and can get out right away.
But others, that fail, and slowly submerge into this sand.
In the end, they will find themselves falling in a rabbit hole.

up resembles water; the kind of water where you wash off all the dirt
from the never ending rabbit hole, and the sand from the drowning quick
Some people can just walk into this water, wash the sand and dirt off and walk back on land.
But some people, they decide to go for a swim, and end up drowning in this dark open water.
If you think you got every single piece of sand and dirt off your body, you’re wrong!
Because there are always other pieces that are stuck on other places of your body, leaving a mark, forever and ever.

So when you heard that people are crushing are loving.
may not be a good thing,because secretly they are falling the rabbit
hole, drowning in the sand, or being washed away in the water
Unless you can find someone that can help you, pull you through.
That is what friends are for.
you see a friend sinking or falling, if they enjoy it help them make
this time the best of their life. If they suffer, pull them up, save

–> By : Ariel


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