everyone that i love is leaving me…

first him…
then koiy…

i’m pretty much over him already…
i’m pretty much bak to my normal life…
but you know what just turns EVERYTHING around?
he…deleted me off his fb friends listt…
wtf!?!? wat did i ever do to you?
do you hate me that much?
wtf is wrong with you…
can’t we atleast TRY to be friends?
i know we can’t go bak to when we first met
but can’t we atleast talk alittle more?
say a “whats up” “hows it going” once in a while?
am i that annoying?

i know i should respect ur decision
but whyy!??!?
i trust you so muchhh…
ur the one i trust the most…
i’m glad i talk to you when i was sadd ><
“mmGwor” lolz…
yeaa?? so wat if i love you?
i love you like a family!
i trust you cuz you tell me the truth and you dun hide anything
i’ll always keep you in my heart
RIP my dear friend
hope you come bak in a year…
hope i can see you then…
untill then…gl in the real world…

this week has been a sad one…=


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