The Last Few Days…

July 1st…
Its been 10 years!
From just coming to Canada and knowing no English
to the point where I start to speak English most of the time
10 year lar!!!
Congrats HK ❤
luv you for ever!

anyway…that day went to the states to go SHOPPING
bought ALOTTT of clothess…and then um…
saw Dan >__>
yup yup yup! got home at like…12 @__@

July 2nd
woke up…and then went with mom to the doctors
then went to eye doctors…
apparently…every time i go…my eyes increase 50 degrees each time
soo therefore… 6 monthes = 50 degrees
so from now till grade 12 = 250 more degrees…
so by then end of high school = 400
yea…scary eh? *sigh*

and from now till the end of July…everyday i’m gonna sit here…
and then go to tutor…*sighh* bleh >W<


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