<3 you!!!

okay first things first!!!
September 22 a.k.a SUSHI DAY!!!
yea…its was fun…yup! i’ll post some pictures some day…too lazy…hahaha
2 things happened!!! 1… MY B-DAY!!! =D hheheheheheheeheh *evil laugh* muahaaahhahah 2. for badminton practice i had to run 4 km!!!! 4!!!! which is 8 of those small runs =] not pleasent!!! not fun!!!yea…and then guess what??!!? I GOT SICK!!! even worse!!!anyways…today… in PE i ALMOST…ALMOST!!! one more step!!! AND I COULD OF WALKED IN TO THE GUYS WASHROOM…so good thing i didn’t walk into there…or i would of screamed…and this is one thing i can’t do cuz i have a soar throat =] very glad i didn’t walk in…


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