Happy day~Sad day

Happy thing:
1.got pizza lunch hehehe curtis said that when they brought the pizza into the room Herman and um…wats his name was staring at the pizza just like this–>–>–> yes amazing isn’t it?
2. screamed Skey-dy-yo baka again in his face!

Sad thing:
 today at lunch Mr.Wongmoon had a fone call and um…after lunch when we go into his class he was all sad n’ stuff. and then STUPID CHRISTY  HAD TO ASK HIM WHY HE WAS SO SAD AND THEN MR.WONGMOON ASKED HER IF SHE WANTED TO KNOW WHY AND SHE SAID YES!!! WAT KIND OF HUMAN IS SHE?!
yes even thought i’m kinda nosey and all that but i just feel srry of him…

3 thoughts on “Happy day~Sad day

  1. lucky bum :p get pizza party, i’ve never had a pizza party in my entire highschool year! >< oh well lol, you guys had a lot of fun stalking jo and finding out her combo? 😮 haha…$30 for a number…crazy lucas…well..i’ll talk to you later tomorrow ariel, see ya in band!

  2. OMG  its FULL MOON!! WhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..haha ^+^;;;; its so pretty! =D
    o.o……tat must be the 99.9999999 time u said tat…O.o……………hes slow…haha…^_^;;; we’re AIMING for 9999 remember!! =]] good luck! =]
    propez to uu =] (mr. wongmoon is too evil to be sad…)

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